Pre-Journal Oct 2003

29 Oct 2003

Argh! You may have noticed this site down for a couple of weeks. When we moved the server down from my parents' house two weeks ago, I didn't notice the website didn't work from the outside until yesterday. It turns out our ISP blocks incoming port 80 requests (http) to discourage web server use. Our current workaround is to use port 8008, so will forward to, and all internal pages will start with that, so any direct-link bookmarks you may have will not work. It's a pain in the arse, but it's all I can do until we move or change ISPs.

20 Oct 2003

Maureen and I went to my 10-year (yikes) high school reunion two days ago, and I got to reconnect with some old friends. And I do mean old =). Hopefully those of you I got to talk to find your way here. I'll be adding your uniqueness to my, your home page to my friends list if you (a) have one and (b) want it there. Also, I'll be doing a CSS overhaul of this site soon. Most people won't notice the difference, but it will make life easier for me. When that happens, styles will load from an external style sheet.

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