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11 Apr 2015

Well, I finally got my stuff together and moved the site over to this new domain, What happened these past years? Life, the universe, everything. If I know you personally, hopefully I've connected with you on social media. For the general public, you can check out my microblogging on Twitter. There, I have a more or less equal mixture of followers I know and random ones. The ones I know are already connected to me elsewhere, and I've setup my Twitter account to cross-post there too, so you may not see any responses to my posts there. Maybe you'll enjoy some haikus I wrote. I usually write them the day I post, inspired by something that happens or something I happen to think of that day. I cite any material not written by me, unless it should be obvious, like a quote from a popular movie or song. [The Twitter handle with the same name as my domain is not affiliated with me at all, and neither are the other ones that include that string.]


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