U2, Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, Mon., 28 Apr 1997, 7:00pm


Opener: Rage Against the Machine:


...and now the show...
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Animated photo courtesy of The PopMart Super Center.

What can you say? It's *U2*, as they were with the ZooTV/Zooropa Tour, only now instead of several sets of screens, one huge video screen showing lots of different stuff (read the set list for details) a huge yellow arch, and other props. We were supposed to be in section A9, which is the front floor section all the way to the right. When we got there, there was no section A9, instead a staff member to trade our A9 tickets for *A3* tickets (shown below)! The opener Rage Against the Machine rocked at 7, playing a short set from their two major label albums. This was louder than the actual concert, but still kicked ass. We actually saw them from section A4 (dead center), then moved to our actual seats during Pride, so we still got to watch U2 get on stage via the catwalk. Of course U2 rocked as well, playing songs from various albums along with those from Pop. This show was on Monday (*doh*!), 28 Apr (my sister's birthday), the day before two midterms, at Jack Murphy Stadium (now called Qualcomm Stadium), home of the Chargers. This is the first US tour since the ZooTV tour. The Zooropa tour was only in Europe and Australia. I guess that album didn't do incredibly well in the US. But that tour was basically an extension of the ZooTV tour, with additional Zooropa songs. Another Bio test the next morning, but I think I kicked butt on that one too.

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