Santana, The Meadows, Hartford, CT, Tue., 17 Jun 2003, 8:00pm


Title (Album, Track)


Santana is one of those living legend bands, especially the rock and guitar icon himself, Carlos Santana. They played only songs from the last two guest-artist-packed albums, Supernatural and Shaman, plus two classic songs, Jingo and Samba Pa Ti, and one unreleased song, Supernatural Thing. Angelique Kidjo opened for Santana, and wrote and performed Adouma (featured in Shaman) with Santana. And in the middle of the show, the mayor of Hartford declared the day Carlos Santana Day. This was Timmy's first real live concert, and what a show for his first one. We went with two other families from Timmy's daycare, one of which invited us to go since we like Santana and tickets were $10 that day. The concert was still worth more than the real ticket price.

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