Depeche Mode Touring the Angel, iPayOne Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, Sat., 19 Nov 2005, 8:00pm

Depeche Mode Touring the Angel

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dM always rocks, especially in San Diego (and So. Cal in general with its great, dedicated fan base), according to Kim (who saw an Exciter Tour show in DC with a just a lukewarm crowd). Kim joined me and the usual suspects (Ben, Bob, Natalie, Carl) as with last time, except that Ben wasn't there for the Singles tour, and Joanne and Susan also joined us this time. Pretty much the same set list between concerts on this tour, except that, according to Tita Fabbee, who went to two LA shows, her second show had "A Question of Lust" replacing "Somebody" (not a bad substitution). Also according to her (from an LA Times article), the new album's sales were double in So. Cal compared to its next market. No surprise, Playing the Angel is a good album, and Touring the Angel was a good show, typical high-energy fun from frontman Dave (shakin' it and showin' it off) and Mart (guitar riffs and sensitive vocals), the continuing tradition of live drums and a hi-tech-looking stage setup. The Raveonettes opened, good house-music band with possible New Order influences and two female leads.

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