Oingo Boingo, Open Air Theatre, San Diego State University, Fri., 20 Oct 1995, 8:00pm

Oingo Boingo

This is actually the order for the Halloween show (for which there is a double-disc live album). If anyone has the order for this (SDSU Open Air Theatre) show, please email me.

Title (Album, Track)


This definitely has to be the best single-band concert I've ever been to. Oingo Boingo needs no opening act; it filled the 3 hours+ with their own brand of hard rock, ballads, and classic '80s tunes. This concert was part of the Farewell Tour, their last tour ever as a band, here stopping at the Open Air Theatre at San Diego State University before going on to the Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City for their final Halloween concert. They played everything from their early stuff to their harder rock self-titled album stuff, especially their hits, which are many! Great show, 'nuf said. There will never be another one like it.

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